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pbDance is a mp3 and wav music player. It is tailored to the dance studio environment and is usually used with a touch screen display.

Written in C language and TCL/Tk, it uses the following modules.

Mktclapp Tcl to C converter

MAD High-quality MPEG audio decoder.

Tcl/Tk 8.3 TCL interpreter with Tk GUI

This software is available under the GNU General Public License (GNU/GPL), see the file "COPYING" for details.

To use this program, you will need a copy of either jempeg or empload. These programs are used to download playlists and music to the player. These are freely available from www.jempeg.org and http://www.empeg.com/support/index.html respectively..

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Edit the Makefile and set the target directory for the pbdance database and music files. The default location is /mirror/empeg/var and /mirror/drive0/fids, respectively.

Type make to build the pbdance program

For the initial setup, type:

make setup

This builds the music and database directories. It also copies various config files. You only need to do this once! If you run it after you've downloaded music, it will clear out your root playlist!

Run the pbdance program from the current directory, by typing:


You will now need to use either empload or jempeg program to download music to the player.

Special note to empeg owners: The easiest way to initially setup up pbdance is to copy all the files from your empeg's /drive0/fids directory into /mirror/drive0/fids and run the rebuild program. When you restart pbdance, all of your empeg music should be available in pbdance.

When you have finished downloading music, exit and restart the pbdance program. All downloaded music should be available for playing.

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Known Problems

    1. Pick 1, and pick 5, are not implemented.
    2. Rewind is not implemented.
    3. The dynamic database is ignored. (this causes emptool not to work, see Makefile for more info)
    4. The WAV player only supports the 44.1k, 16bit stereo format.
    5. Some mp3 files that were not encoded from cd sources may not play at the correct speed.
    6. The "properties" popup does not have a exit button. Type "destroy .props" in the tcl/tk console window.
    7. You must use a specific IP address on empload/jempeg clients, as pbDance does not respond to broadcasts. nic mail address

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This program was written by Scott Swazey techtom@users.sourceforge.net


If you like it and want to help out, or have any suggestions, or want to report bugs, please send me an email. Or go to project page and use the forum/bug-tracker

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www.sourceforge.net/projects/pbdance -- Project home page




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Last Revised: March 6, 2003

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